How to Register for Auction

To register, new bidders create an account with login. Here you will be able to track all your bids, watched items, invoices and more. Under Current Auctions select "Login/New Bidder" and follow the prompts to setup your password, shipping information and on file credit card. will register your account information and a nominal "ping" fee will be placed on your credit card of $1-2 dollars to verify it is activated. This fee will reverse within 3-5 business days. Once you have completed these steps, you will be registered and ready to bid in any of our online auctions and any posted on the international auction page.

Bidding Account Features

There are many features built into your registered account. Current bids will help you view the active products you are bidding on. Watch lists help you scroll and star products you are interested in without placing a bid. Past bids shows items you bid on that were either won or outbid. Payment methods allows you to adjust and update credit cards on file. Account information is your control center for your address, login/passwords and notification settings such as emails, name scrambler and more. There also is a help section that assists bidders easily understand different types of bids and how they work.

Buyers Premium & Tax 

After an auction has ended, a service fee and provincial taxes will be calculated then added to the invoice total. The service fee, called buyers premium (usually 15%), is calculated from the bidding price. Ontario HST tax (13%) is calculated from the combined bid price and buyers premium amounts. These fee's are not included in your bid totals during an auction, they are only calculated after a sale has ended. Please view auction details per sale as Buyers Premium varies by auction.

Bid Increments

Bids in online auctions are tiered in a posted incremental scale. Bidders may place any bid they wish into the bid window however if your bid does not follow the next accepted increment, the automated system will reject the value and notify you of the next accepted value a bidder can place.

How Bidding Works

To bid, select a lot, click the predetermined bid value (following the increment scale) OR place any value of bid you choose. Bidding works in two ways. Either your bid will show green as "winning" OR your bid will go red as "outbid". Outbids occur when another bidder has placed a larger value than the shown lot value and the SLOW RELEASE system only release the value based on the opposite bid.

Example> Joe bids $15 dollars on a lot with no bids, it shows as having a $3 bid on it. Karen places a bid on the same item of $5 and her bid shows immediately as "outbid." The lot will adjust to $5. This will continue until Joe's original bid value is surpassed from opposite bidders. It's called a SLOW RELEASE and allows bidders to place higher value bids on items to keep their winning status without forcing lot values up too quickly. It's a great strategy for staying on budget! Bidding has a two step verification process to prevent human error during bidding. Once a bid has been placed, a confirmation notification will appear which requires approval. Once confirmed, your bids are contractually BINDING and cannot be reversed or adjusted under any circumstances. Bid accurately and always double check your totals before confirmation.

Soft Close/Live Catalog

All lots are posted with a timer that counts down to close. Lots are staggered and during soft close each lot will show in the LIVE CATALOG for 3 minutes before closing. If a bid is placed on a lot during this 3 minute final call and the value increases (beyond any bids already placed, keep in mind some bidders place large bids to hold standing) than 3 more minutes will be added to it's time. This feature prevents "Sniping" and allows all bidders ample time to recover from an outbid notification. Bidders that are present during the LIVE Catalog are 3x more likely to win their items then those who are not. Most bidders are active during soft close and it is a fast paced, fun event to watch!

Picking up your Items

During each auction, there is an option for pickup or shipping. In the "auction detail" section all pickup information is posted unique to each auction. Offsite auctions are hosted at an alternative location not at our warehouse. Always read pickup details in full before bidding.

Payment: All credit cards are charged at noon the business day following the auction close. If you would like to make alternate arrangements please email after the auction close. Thank you and happy bidding!

What To Bring: You can pickup with any vehicle, trailer or cube van at our lot. Customers bring their packing materials, boxes and labour when retrieving goods. We collect your items and hand them to you directly along with your invoice. Please be prepared to lift and move your goods as our staff do not assist loading vehicles or trailers. Dollies are available for customer use at the front office.

Billing: All registered credit cards are automatically billed within 24 hours after an auction has closed.

Having your Invoice Shipped

If you live out of town, province, country or even across the ocean we are ready! Our office ships goods internationally and we have many repeat buyers across the globe.

Request to Ship: Bidders that require shipping are to EMAIL the office your shipping request either by responding to your won invoice (sent to you by email) or by sending a direct request by email to Please do not phone our office or message our facebook page your shipping requests, we require all communication by email to ensure your order is correctly processed with your corresponding bidder account. Shipping requests take up to 15 business days to be processed during periods of high volume and our team will communicate with you during this time. 

Shipping Providers: We ship most items through Canada Post however if you have a prefered provider or already hold a shipping account, please submit that information by email for our processing department before your quote is obtained. A nominal handling fee is charged to cover materials and time of processing your custom quote and order.

Handling Fees: To ship won items, our team will collect your goods per auction and process your order. We bulk pack, weigh and custom quote your parcel through our dedicated shipping manager. A nominal handling fee is charged to cover materials and time of processing your custom quote and order. Our goal is efficiency and we custom handle each parcel with great care and attention to detail so you receive the best possible rate available.

Shipping Quotes: Shipping quotes vary based on your location, weight of items and parcel size. We do not provide shipping quotes before an auction has closed. Our team will email you the cost breakdown or alternative options if required. Most parcels go out within 7 business days and we keep close communication with you during this process however high volume season can extend this to 15 business days. Please be patient, we respond to all requests in the order received!

Billing: All bidder are automatically billed to their registered credit card 24 hours after an auction has closed. Shipping customers will be billed their invoice and then separately will be billed for their shipping/handling fees once their parcel is prepared.